How Wickeddata can help students and researchers

Wether you are student, teacher, researcher or in other role that requires analysing collected data, is great tool for you to explore and build reports and communication materials with. Wickeddata gives you great set of basic, easy to use, tools for analysing and communication various types of data in our graphical user interface. One Read More

Information & Infographics

This page is collection of completed infographs that we’ve made for our marketing and other purposes. In some cases order of information might seem a bit upside down, that’s because I’ve built these for instagram feed in N * 3 format, to keep feed clean. One of first studies / infographics I made were these Read More

My journey to information design

My first infograph below turned out to be great thing even if the execution had room for improvement. Because of it I decided to turn this page from single topic to follow my development on design and infographics. I will be updating my personal journey on this page. Here’s the infograpics and first posting.   Read More

Data can be sexy

  People often think data and analyzing it a tedious job. It reminds them of boring excels and countless hours spent on moving, structuring and trying to make sense of data until their eyes hurt. And even then the end result is anything but impressive. It doesn’t have to be this way. We believe you Read More

July 2017 Updates

We’ve been hard at work for past months and now it’s your time to put it to test and let us know how to make Wickeddata even better. In brief, here are main improvements: 1. Major overhaul of design and usability as well as new charts. 2. Bunch of tools to customize your charts, test Read More

Happy Marriages

And They Lived Happily Ever After

  Fairytales and real life often are not quite alike. We have all heard the cliche final sentence of a fairy tale stating “they lived happily ever after” without ever even thinking what it really meant. The princess married her dreamy prince and they had a magical life together.  We have no idea what the Read More

Battles on Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Battles and Success

  We found this amazing dataset of Game of Thrones on Kaggle . People there have done a great job collecting data on the series. We wanted to explore that a bit with our data visualization tool. Here we have some insights on Game of Thrones through some charts and graphs. Enjoy and click at “try now” at the end of Read More

Gun Laws

Do Gun Laws Prevent Homicides?

  in our post last week we discussed about the correlation between guns and homicides. We also came into the conclusion that there really is no correlation, but that there are countries where murders occur more frequently and that the weapon of choice in some places just happens to be a gun.   But what is the actual reason Read More

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