Benefits of

Benefits of using

Online tool that saves your time is a great tool for anyone who has a need for making sense of data and/or need to communicate message through data.
Get different views into your data on the fly with just few clicks, results are visualized instantly in clear and beautiful interactive online charts and graphs, which you can include in your reports, presentations, infographics or share instantly with a click of a button.

Find new viewpoints

With you no longer need to spend hours preparing your data and crafting visualisations out of it. Finding new angles on different topics is easy.

Understand your business through data

Understanding data means understanding your business and is necessary for you to beat the competition. provides you with the ability to do just that. You can get insight into your data and business quickly and easily. Our no frills approach gives you the basic tools you need to run your business efficiently.

Useful tool for many purposes can be used for various purposes from hobbyist uses to serious business including sales, purchasing, finance, PR / communications and media. Our free online tool is affordable even for students.