How Wickeddata can help students and researchers

Wether you are student, teacher, researcher or in other role that requires analysing collected data, is great tool for you to explore and build reports and communication materials with.

Wickeddata gives you great set of basic, easy to use, tools for analysing and communication various types of data in our graphical user interface.

One typical scenario is various types of questionnaires. Say you’ve done customer satisfaction survey and now have hundreds or thousands rows of answers. Just upload your excel, csv or connect to your google sheet and start exploring!

Different calculation methods come in handy here. By default we’re calculating sum, but it really doesn’t make sence adding up customer satisfaction scores, right. That’s why we have couple different calculation methods which you access at the end of measure selector.

By counting amount of values you can for example count how many of each answers you got. Like this:

If you want to see how customer satisfaction varies over different dimensions you can count average customer satisfaction ratings over any dimensions. Like this:

You also have wide variety of options to customize look and feel of your charts to your liking.

Once you’ve figured out the charts you that are of most interest to you can combine them into dashboard and share with your team in group. With Dashboards you can use filters and counters to drill in and get more details from your data.

You can also share your dataset to groups, so that your team members can explore and try to find more insights from it.

If run the same questionnaire later you can just update the old dataset in datasets sections and all your dashboards linked to this data will be refreshed accordingly.

Just keep in mind that we can’t visualize and analyse the data you don’t have, so more data you collect more information you can get. With wickeddata you can get it with just few clicks, so don’t be afraid getting swamped in data and boring excel drills. Get all data you can and work with wickeddata to transform it to information, insights and communication.



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