Increase Sales with

Increase Sales with
Increasing sales and sealing a deal.

Does your sales include presenting data on your business, products or something else? If your data raises questions, wouldn’t it be handy if you could get all that done on spot in seconds, instead of getting back after meeting?


With you can, and the data is presented as easy to understand and interactive online graphs and charts. No more “getting back to you after the meeting”, extra work with numbers, or most importantly lost opportunities due to lost momentum. This will increase your sales.


Do you have data on your sales, customers, products or other things related to your business? You can analyse your customer base, how your products and sales team is performing and get better insight into your business by easily browsing your data at


With you can do all that by just a few clicks. In matter of seconds you have your results in easy to understand online charts and graphs that you can share easily. We have created a nice sample of sales data for you to play around and build your own visualisations.


Sales chart / graph


In our sample sales data set you will find data on customers, products and sales. You can measure any information in the data set over your selected attribute and group them.


sales chart
Sales chart includes data on daily sales and product categories.


Let’s assume that you’re having a meeting with your sales team and you are reviewing your performance. You will start with daily sales for each product category (above) and then move on to monthly sales. After clicking “Bucket ” and selecting “Months+Year” your screen will display the sales of each month for each year.


Monthly sales chart
Sales chart on monthly sales.


When your colleague wants to know how much you have sold Home Entertainment products to each customer in January, you can show that by simply selecting “Home Entertainment” (by left-click) and deleting all but your selected section (by opening delete menu by right-click).


Sales Chart
Drilling into Sales Data


Then  you change the “Over” parameter to “Customer Name” and end at desired view.


Sales chart
Sales Chart January Home Entertainments by Customer


Profit is what you work for so naturally that’s the next thing you’ll want to see. Changing “Measure” to “Profit”.


Profit Sales Chart
Sales Chart, Profits in January by Home Entertainment Customers


Your manager has been concerned about profits of products of a certain brand so you check how they have been doing in January by grouping the profit view by “Product Brand”.


Sales chart
Profits by Customer and by Product Brand


This is just a small example on how to drill in data and look at it from different angles. There’s much more to discover, so feel free to play around with any of our sample data sets or by uploading your own data!



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