Information & Infographics

This page is collection of completed infographs that we’ve made for our marketing and other purposes. In some cases order of information might seem a bit upside down, that’s because I’ve built these for instagram feed in N * 3 format, to keep feed clean.

One of first studies / infographics I made were these two, exploring why visual communication and infographics are great tools for you. Some of it is engraved pretty deep to evolution and how your brain works.

How your brain is wired to read infographics and visuals.

And if you stop to think what the data really is for, you quite soon run into realization it’s not for convincing you, but others. Of course you still need the tools to dig out the relevant from your data, we at are providing you tools to do both.

Value of data is in change it inspires – infographics

Here’s on infographics on nottinghill carnival facts and figures, it’s pretty amazing how people come together on events like these and what it takes to make it happen.

Nottinghill carnival facts and figures – infographic

Here’s another infographic inspired by US Open Tennis tournament, which lead me pretty quickly to dark side of sports. It’s amazing how much money moves around sports gambling and how deeply crime is embedded in sports.

Infograph on Tennis money, stats, and crime



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