July 2017 Updates

We’ve been hard at work for past months and now it’s your time to put it to test and let us know how to make Wickeddata even better.

In brief, here are main improvements:

1. Major overhaul of design and usability as well as new charts.

New Design

2. Bunch of tools to customize your charts, test these out by clicking on either axis to edit axis’s or on title of the chart to change look and feel of the chart.

3. Ability to compare different measures side by side, not just grouping.

New Editing options for charts

We already have some cool stuff in pipeline, among first is better ways to embed your creative on your websites. Aiming to get these things out in August.

Check out our updated pages to see where we’re heading next and test new features.

And as always, do send us mail at info@wickeddata.online for ideas, development suggestion or anything else.

For optimal experience use Google Chrome.



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