My journey to information design

My first infograph below turned out to be great thing even if the execution had room for improvement. Because of it I decided to turn this page from single topic to follow my development on design and infographics. I will be updating my personal journey on this page.

Here’s the infograpics and first posting.


Pensions in Finland infographic
Pensions in Finland infographic

Data on infographic is based on information found at ETK, some of which is rough extrapolations and rounding but gives correct impression of the overall issue.

We understand there may be other factors, such as investment income, if you have more detailed or even raw data, please be in touch and comment on our facebook or linkedin!

My education is in technical / management field and I’ve worked on commercial roles in tech, no education or experience in design. Having said that I’ve always loved great design, beautiful things and numbers. When I was about 10 years old I was even pretty good at drawing, but those days are long gone now :).

So I’ve always been drawn to great infographics. One day I though why not make a stab at using my expertise and passion to build something, hence we founded So far it’s been mostly about building the product, but as we started working on marketing I though I’ll personally start creating infographics and build our instagram account.

Going back to start, when I published the above infograph I got this comment:

“Well, I don’t think You get paid (refers to terminology used in infograph). Your demo uses an unreadable image. All this data is FTA from tilastokeskus and Your visualisation just don’t make it.”

Initially it wasn’t that uplifting, but I had to admit to myself that Samppa was right!

I made the above infographic on iMac Retina, it did look good to me on big screen 🙂 but not so much in our blog or especially with smaller devices. So very basic, those “I should have known” things. But here’s the thing, many times even if you do know, you don’t check and implement accordigly.

I decided to create checklist for myself where I will keep adding stuff as I study, do and get feedback on topic.

Maybe the biggest takeaway here is that don’t be afraid to fail, only way to ensure failure is not to do anything. Do something, encourage feedback and be open for critique and turn it into improvement.


1. Check your infographics & design with devices / resolutions your audience is likely to use.

2. Make sure text is easy to read.

3. Make sure graphs convey the message clearly.

Week 34:

This week I’ve been doing some stuff on our Instagram, while studying and searching information on how our sensory system works. Found some pretty interesting facts online (I’ll add the links later).

I personally love numbers, so I sometimes get stuck on how many times faster your brain does something etc. There’s a lot of discussion online on details, but in the end I don’t think they matter that much, even if it makes fun academic banter.

I think you can’t avoid the fact that we’ve been processing visuals through our eyes far longer than been able to read. These senses have developed to protect us, that’s why we get much stronger, immediate, emotional reaction to visuals that text.

I’m also fairly convinced that it’s much easier to create emotional impact with pictures than words. That’s why you see pictures of starving children in ads collecting for aid. There’s a reason why they don’t write a paragraph of facts, it’s first and immediate impression.

Obviously this could work both ways, so you should be mindful of type of visuals you use and make sure they support your story. You don’t want to scare people off with strong, but wrong, first impression.

Most of this stuff becomes pretty obvious if you just observe yourself. Even though we’re not all alike some general rules should apply just because the way we’ve evolved.

So maybe next time I try to find some other place than gas station to write this blog to be able to work on some visuals 🙂

The other thing I’ve started following are 3D drawings, pretty amazing stuff. You can find some in our pinterest board.


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