Texas lifting knife regulation, welcome Ninjas

We stumbled upon this article at HoustonPress telling that it will soon be ok for you to run around Texas streets with pretty much any blade.

Couldn’t resist the urge to dig some data behind this, so went to FBI and downloaded murder, aggravated assault and robbery stats for 2015 (latest completed I could find).

Thought it would be interesting to see how knives and blades are already involved in crimes in Texas and other states. Couple charts below that we thought were interesting.

As seen in two following charts murderers are still mostly taking advantage of modern tech, but knives are already quite well utilized in other types of crimes and texas is of top contenders in this race.

By exploring the data you find out that total of 16 181 knife crimes in 2015, out of which 13 728 aggravated assaults. That’s about 44 crimes and 37 people assaulted with blades each day.

This chart tells Texans are already getting busy with their blades, even with current restrictions in place, hitting number two spot in country.

Where do you think it will move from here, now that regulation gets eased?

Our bet is you will see blade related murder numbers raising. In the end, it’s bit easier to kill someone with a sword than pocket knife, even unintentionally.

While we wait who’s right join discussion on our Facebook page and let’s hope league of Nice Ninjas will emerge defending y’all on streets of Texas against forces of darkness.



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