can help you in many ways. Here are a few of our customers who have found our data visualisation services useful.

Targetor is an oulu based software company with focus on helping their customers follow up their strategy implementation, report and visualize implementation progress. TargetorPro is an efficient saas solution for enterprises and public sector entities with the need to put their strategy into action and see the progress.
We support our growing companies in creating jobs, promoting export, refining competencies and developing different lines of business. Boosting competences calls for the right kind of attitude on your part the courage and assertive attitude Oulu is renowned for.

Pasaati was founded in 2006 to provide project management services to businesses and to the public sector. The starting point was to make information systems support business in a more efficient way.

Today our offering covers various key areas where digitalisation and ICT systems play an important and business-critical role. ICT project management services, consulting and managing the complete acquisition and roll-out of information systems, operational development of customers' project management processes and culture, as well as personnel training and mentoring - all this aims to improve your productivity, quality and business performance by means of excellent project management practices.

Our ambition is to be the preferred value-adding project partner to our customers.