is simple to use! To get started all you have to know is how click.
For extensive needs, we can provide integrations and custom solutions.

Use preloaded open data

Upload Your .xls or .csv file

Explore and drill into Your data

Create graphs or dashboards

Export images or embed to web

Share graphs in social media

All this for FREE.

You literally have to do only two things to get your first chart done after uploading your dataset, just select what you want to measure and over what dimension. That’s it.

To edit the look and feel of your charts, click on axises or on chart title to get relevant editing options. You can drill in to data by clicking on sections of a chart and selecting functions from the menu behind right click (on top of chart).

For example to drill in to bar chart, just left click on bar and select delete -> all except selected from the right click menu. You can now set new dimensions and measure to explore data of just the selected section.

Just play and click around, you won’t break it.

Give it a go and test yourself