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The basis of everything at wickeddata.online is a chart. You have 10+ charts to choose from and our charts come with interactive legends and tooltips. You also have an option to save your charts to chart library.

All you need to create charts with wickeddata.online is data, to test you can try with our featured open data or use your own. When you’ve uploaded your data make couple clicks to select what you want from your data and you have your chart.


You can save and update your datasets, when you update your datasets it will automatically update all your saved charts and dashboards. We can also provide integrations to your data sources, just contact us.


Combine charts with filters and counters to create dashboards. Dashboards are great for following your KPIs and key metrics and exploring the big picture from different angles.


example infographic
example infographic

Soon you will be able to create truly interactive infographics with Wickeddata.online to give your online marketing, presentations and communication a boost to next level. See example here.

With our new infographics builder you can create infographics that will not only catch the attention of your audience, but also keep them engaged and make content of infographics more relevant to individuals user.

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Share & Collaborate

There are several ways you can take advantage of your charts, dashboards and infographics:

Export / Print as PNG & SVG

To embed your charts in your presentations and other material you can export & print your charts with capture button as PNG or SVG files

Share to Groups, Online & Social Media

You can share your charts with your team in groups within Wickeddata, or use share button to share charts directly in social media.

Present @ Wickeddata.online

Just open a chart or dashboard in visualization and present directly in Wickeddata. This gives you the option of exploring data and changing views during your presentation.

Start creating and spreading your story.