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To get started all you need is an open mind, a fair amount of curiosity, a computer and something to click with. You can use your own data or our featured open data.

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Creating charts and dashboards with Wickeddata is super easy, just select the measure and dimension, then you have your chart. You obviously have many other options to get deeper, such as ability to drill into your data, group it, different calculation methods etc., but that’s all extra. You can get started creating your charts and dashboards with just those two things. Easy, right! You really don’t need analytics or IT skills, you just have to know how to click.

With many charts to choose from and the ability to customize the look and feel of your charts, you can do stunning charts in no time even from complex data. Once you have your charts you can combine them to create dashboards and share them in groups with your team or online and social media.

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